Pole Wooden Dummy Murenzhuang 木人桩

Pole Wooden Dummy Murenzhuang

29 June 2015 · We offer a marvelous solid wood pole wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) which we have completely restored with care and proficiency. She looks like new and is absolutely fantastic. With the trunk comes a set of three arms and one leg of one piece, three hight levelling wooden plates…

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Halberd Guandao 关刀

Halberd Guandao Lex Reinhart

5 May 2015 · We offer two perfectly balanced halberds (Guandao, 关刀), one with a wooden the other with an inox shaft. They both have a stable blade, are made of quality material and have an ideal training weight. The hand guard is beautifully crafted with Chinese dragon and symbols. The possibility of dissembling the…

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Wooden Dummy Deluxe Murenzhuang 木人桩

Wooden Dummy Deluxe Murenzhuang Lex Reinhart Mok Jan Chong

4 May 2015 · This marvelous wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) is made of solid camphor wood. With the trunk comes a set of three arms, one leg of one piece and an iron pedestal with industrial suction cups for almost any even floor. The pedestal can also be screwed to the ground.…

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Suspension Trainer Set 悬挂教练

Suspension Trainer Set Lex Reinhart TRX

7 April 2015 · For me the suspension trainer (as TRX) is one of the most adaptable, good value and even so extremely effective training tool. You can easily pack it in the delivered mash bag and take the lightweight set to any holidays or to any journey. Installing takes a couple of seconds to…

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Meditation Stool Chandengzi 禅凳子

Meditation Stool Chandengzi Chan Zen Qigong Yoga

6 April 2015 · A clever handcrafted meditation stool (Chandengzi, 禅凳子) that can be easily folded for traveling. The production here in France guarantees a perfect carpenter’s art work. The ash wood comes untreated so you can colour it in your taste, or just oil it to leave it in a natural appearance. This stool…

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