Lex Reinhart – born 1963 in Zurich, Switzerland – is an expert for meditation in yoga, martial arts, qigong as well as in cycling, running, swimming and structure strength. His role at the Retreat Center is mainly focused on directing the Wumeishu Retreat & Coaching Center for various arts, teaching as guest lecturer at international seminars, and holding business events for companies and groups in Europe.

He is holding an eighth Duan (Dashi) with The World Kuoshu Federation. Other than meditation in sports, he is also particularly interested in issues of humanity, nature and charity.

About Us Retreat & Coaching Center

Training hall / Dormitory
· Large training area (120 m2)
· Well-equipped
· Swedish stove

· 1 double room
· 2 three-bed rooms with splendid view
· Comfortable common room with kitchen
· Separate washing room, individual showers and toilettes
· Floor heating

Direct vicinity (center)
· Vast surrounding property (over 60 hectares, over 150 acres)
· Various meadows for training
· Different places for individual and undisturbed being
· Large variety of wild animals and birds
· Different fruit trees and berries

Further surroundings (neighbourhood)
· Small creeks
· Natural hiking area with many view points
· Old castles, churches and historical buildings

Find further ideas under
· Excursions & Tours
· Jogging, Cycling & Strength

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