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Pole Wooden Dummy Murenzhuang

Pole Wooden Dummy Murenzhuang 木人桩

29 June 2015 · We offer a marvelous solid wood pole wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) which we have completely restored with care and proficiency. She looks like new and is absolutely fantastic. With the trunk comes a set of three arms and one leg of one piece, three hight levelling wooden plates as well as a construction plan for the installation in the ground. Pole dummies are very rare, the most turning machines today are not able to turn this length of trunks. Here you can buy a rarity.

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Puppy & Dog Retreats

Puppy & Dog Retreats 2015

1 week or 3 days from 1 August to 31 October 2015 · Your dog - Your true friend. We educate a pack of dogs since years for family and/or hunting behavior. If you would like to combine a wonderful natural environment holidays with a well experienced and guided dog training, then this is the right place for you. Our next neighbors are about one kilometer away.

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Wooden Dummy Deluxe Murenzhuang Lex Reinhart Mok Jan Chong

Wooden Dummy Deluxe Murenzhuang 木人桩

4 May 2015 · This marvelous wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) is made of solid camphor wood. With the trunk comes a set of three arms, one leg of one piece and an iron pedestal with industrial suction cups for almost any even floor. The pedestal can also be screwed to the ground. Due to the suction cups there are no vibrations and no noise transmissions to the basic structure. Therefore this system is perfect for any city apartment. We choose personally the most beautiful and the most perfect dummy for you.

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l'Ardéchoise Cycling Retreat

L'Ardéchoise Cycling Retreat 2015

14-21 June 2015 · Cycling - as tourist or athlete. Enjoy your cycling experience in an amazing natural environment. Adapted to your skills you can participate as a tourist or as an athlete. For the big day, all the roads are car free, they are governmental privatized for that event. The start takes part just in the neighbour village.

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Charity Project Zurich Cityrun - Helvetas

Charity Project 2015 - Water for 30 Children !

2 February 2015 · This year I start at the 10 km Zurich Cityrun on April 19th as Helvetas Charity-Runner. Of course I would like to establish my long-cherished wish of a personal record from under 40 minutes. But this year I have a much more important task: with your help 30 children in Afrika will get a better future! You donate and I put the shoes on - together for a good cause.

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Group & Individual Retreats

Retreats for Groups & Individuals 2015

1 Week from 5 January-30 November 2015 · The personal package at the Retreat & Coaching Center - For all arts and all levels. Group and Individual Retreats offer you the possibility to come to us for anywhere from a couple of days up to some months during the year. This seminar is also adapted to those interested without any experience or from other styles and other arts.
For external seminar leaders who would like to offer a seminar on their own theme within the structure of our Retreat & Coaching Center, a separate vaulted room is available. For further details please check directly with us.

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Endurance Review 2014

Endurance, Strength & Athletic Review 2014

26 December 2014 · Already in my young years I wanted to compete in endurance competitions. 2014 was finally my first complete endurance race year. In total I took part in eleven races, and I skipped three more due to achilles tendon problems (March to May, and November). I even managed my first cycling race and my first triathlon sprint!

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Charity Project Berlin Marathon - terre des hommes

Charity Project 2014 - Protect Children !

10 December 2014 · For this Christmas time and during the coming year I organize my first public charity project. You donate and I put the shoes on - together for a good cause. This project will finalize in my participation at the 42nd Berlin Marathon on September 27th in 2015.

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Endurance Review 2013

Endurance Review 2013

26 December 2013 · Already in my young years I wanted to compete in endurance competitions. This year I finally managed to start with this subject. The idea of participating in endurance competitions is very simple: with a race goal in my mind I practise enough endurance trainings - the basis of all sports. Besides such events are always a lot of fun. Find a selection of pictures in the gallery as well as race details in the list below.

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Thoughts about Kung Fu - VideoLex Reinhart Wushu Treasure Stamp Album

Ningmui Members in the Wushu Treasure Stamp Album

1 August 2008 · Lex Reinhart, Oliver Hasler and Cristina Sokol appear in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Chinese Wushu Treasure Stamp Album. This limited edition of 7'200 copies is a contribution to Chinese Wushu.

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Oliver Hasler Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Oliver Hasler in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, China

14 July 2008 · Oliver Hasler head of our NING MUI martial arts school in Zurich Switzerland takes part in the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in the sports category Wushu, the division of Sanshou, in the weight category 85 kg. His story was published in various news papers in Switzerland, amongst others in the national paper 'Blick', the one with the highest mass circulation.

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Lex Reinhart Ip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy

Lex Reinhart published in the Ip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy

1 October 2005 · Lex Reinhart is listed as third generation Shifu in the first edition on the Ip Man Ving Tsun Genealogy and as Samuel Kwok's student. Lex's Baishi students are also mentioned in this exceptional book.

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