The idea for establishing the Wumeishu Retreat & Coaching Center 五梅术 in 2002 is based on the wish to get to the bottom of an art and to develop it for a lifetime. We respect the ethical principles that are mentioned in the code of ethics of the European Council as well as the principles of non-discrimination from the charter of fundamental rights of the European Union.

This project was realized in the heart of the Ardèche, one of the most natural departments of France. The internationally recognized martial artist Lex Reinhart 亞力山大 is leading the Center and lives there with his family.
The two buildings of historic style dated 1639 are positioned in an open V-form. They were renovated with respect towards the original architecture and are located at the height of 780 metres. The good quality of the materials combined with the plainness of the bare essentials give the ensemble a particular character. A natural park of over 60 hectares (150 acres) of land inhabited by animals forms part of the property.

Training here is organized in a way which is totally different from a regular school. The outer circumstances at the Retreat & Coaching Center are reduced to: training, eating, sleeping. The contents challenge all three sorts of intelligence: the intellectual, practical, emotional.
Any person who comes here should perceive the core of his own person and learn to make use of his or her potential. In a further step, this potential is enhanced by means of specific exercises. The persons in training should advance mentally, physically as well as emotionally and back home be able to integrate what they have learned into their daily lives.

Through conversations we furthermore seek to encourage the balance between energies like the masculine justice oriented moral reasoning (voice of justice) and the feminine care oriented moral reasoning (voice of care).
As starting points serve among other things Abraham Maslow’s model on the hierarchy of needs, in which we see the origin of motivation, as well as Jean Piaget’s and Lawrence Kohlberg’s theories on cognitive and moral development (stages of cognitive development, stages of moral development), with which we explain the greatest good – life.

The central theme are the inner forces, which we summarize in our model of energies & forces 五梅术对于气的理论 (Wumeishu-duiju-qidi-lilun, Chinese Pinyin). At the Wumeishu Retreat & Coaching Center these shall be newly aroused, gathered and strengthened.

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