6 April 2015 · A clever handcrafted meditation stool (Chandengzi, 禅凳子) that can be easily folded for traveling. The production here in France guarantees a perfect carpenter’s art work. The ash wood comes untreated so you can colour it in your taste, or just oil it to leave it in a natural appearance. This stool is practical for chan (zen), qigong and yoga meditation sessions.

Mediation Stool
Type of wood: ash tree
Seating dimension: 33 x 13 cm
Hight model A: 15.5 cm back, 14 cm front
Hight model B: 13.5 cm back, 12 cm front
Weight model A: approx. 0.880 kg
Weight model B: approx. 0.810 kg
Price: EUR 69.00 (including all taxes and charges)
Delivery place: Wu Mei Shu Retreat & Coaching Center
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