29 June 2015 · We offer a marvelous solid wood pole wooden dummy (Murenzhuang, Mok Jan Chong, 木人桩) which we have completely restored with care and proficiency. She looks like new and is absolutely fantastic. With the trunk comes a set of three arms and one leg of one piece, three hight levelling wooden plates as well as a construction plan for the installation in the ground. Pole dummies are very rare, the most turning machines today are not able to turn this length of trunks. Here you can buy a rarity.

Pole Wooden Dummy
Type of wood: elm tree
Trunk diameter: 22 cm
Trunk hight: 202 cm
Pedestal: construction plan
Levelling: 3 wood plates, each 3.5 cm thick
Length of the arms: 32 cm
Arm below: 29 cm underneath the upper arms
Leg: one piece
Total weight: approx. 50 kg
Price: EUR 1’890.00 (including all taxes and charges)
Delivery place: Wu Mei Shu Retreat & Coaching Center
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