Suspension Trainer Dynamic Core Workout

This dynamic core workout you can do as one (1) set (01-12), or you divide it into two (2) sets (01-06 & 07-12). As a part of a circuit training you can use one to three (1-3) exercises; these you can do consistently ten times (10x) with a small break, or as many as you can repeat. Each exercise has different steps up to the here noted hardest variation on the list. The images reflect one level of an exercise, click on a image to enlarge it.

Workout example: each exercise (01-06, 07-12, 01-12) 20 repetitions (10 rep per side) with 15 seconds break in between, repeat up to 5 sets with 60 seconds break between sets. Or 1 set trx, 1 set kettle bells and 1 set battle rope with 60 seconds break in between sets.

DC 1-01) a) Twisting Forward Fly or b) Twisting Forward Lunge
DC 1-02) Crossing Side Lunge
DC 1-03) High Rotation
DC 1-04) Side Plank Hard
DC 1-05) Circular Body Saw Hard
DC 1-06) Crossing Suspended Crunch to a Body Saw Hard
DC 1-07) Single Arm Power Pull
DC 1-08) Twisting Sprinter’s Start Jump
DC 1-09) Twisting Squat to Overhead Raise
DC 1-10) Twisting Hamstring Curls Hard
DC 1-11) Suspended Pendulum Hard
DC 1-12) Suspended Oblique Crunch to a Pike Hard

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